By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Happy Animals Are Making The Best Fall Memories Ever.

Animals in their natural habitat are always beautiful to see. When you add autumn in the mix, the photos are stunning. Perhaps it’s the huge piles of leaves in yellow, red, orange, and green that makes the perfect background for the creatures. Or maybe it’s the changing season that makes animals more playful and relaxed.

Either way, fall is probably the coolest time of the year for any photographer: professional or amateur, to capture nature at its best. And there are no better muses than horses, owls, dogs, deers, and squirrels, among others to showcase it.

Perhaps fall is as perfect as it is as an apology for the long, cold, winter months ahead. All is forgiven as long as this season can be extended just a little bit longer, I think our animal friends would agree.

Here are images of our furry friends enjoying autumn.



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