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23 DIY Reasons Why Fall Is The BEST Time Of Year.

Summer is finally coming to an end and you know what that means: cooler weather, colorful leaves falling from trees, and the second half of the year coming to its close end.

What better way to bring in the new season: some festive DIY projects of course! It's time to decorate your home with leaves, pumpkins, acorns, and other seasonal materials. And if you're a chef in the kitchen, we've got a few creative recipes for you as well!

Add a little seasonal flair to your household this fall. It's finally time to add some warmth back into your home.

#1. Caramel Apple Bar

Create your very own caramel apple bar filled with a selection of various toppings for your guests to create yummy treats.

#2. Flannel Coasters

What says autumn more than flannels? If you've got some flannels hanging in your closet that you no longer wear, try cutting them up and transforming them into little adorable coasters!

#3. Copper Leaves Garland

Collect fall leaves from outside and use them to create a festive garland. You can leave them the autumn colors they are or spray paint them a unison color like this beautiful metallic copper.

#4. Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

A fall project that's fun for the whole family! All you need is a big empty tic tac toe board and 9 mini pumpkins. Be sure to paint them two different colors of your choosing.

#5. Tree-Branch Coasters

To recreate these rustic coasters, slice a tree limb (that's about three inches in diameter) into 3/4-inch thick pieces (have a hardwood store do it for you). Create the leaf motifs by pressing an inked stamp onto each coaster.

Tree-Branch Coasters

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