By Sheyla

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26 Cakes So Good I Can’t Believe They’re Actually Real Cakes, Especially #13.

A children’s birthday a cake is the center piece of the celebration. For a lot of us, the extent of our creativity is going to the grocery store, buying a half or full-sized rectangular cake and decorating it with miniature toys, adding some candles, and presenting it at the right time. Our biggest challenge is making sure the cake matches the general theme of the party.

Luckily, bakers and pastry artists have upped their game and set a new standard of cake excellence. Long gone are the boring traditional rectangular or circular pastries. We have now entered the modern era and with that, the sky is the limit when it comes to cake artistry.

This post is a collection of the most unique and out of this world cakes. Some are too beautiful to eat, while others might make you cringe. My personal favorite is the Game of Thrones theme cake that channeled the spirit of Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark.

#1. A deadly bite.

#2. I could Gogh for another slice.

I could Gogh for another slice.

#3. "Winter is coming."

#4. Octopus

#5. Up!

#6. BBQ ribs

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