By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Much HGTV When Your House Looks Like THIS.

What's your favorite part of your home? Maybe it's your awesome bedroom, your high-tech kitchen, or your finished game room in the basement. Or maybe you're a person of simpler tastes, and you're just happy you have a comfy couch.

Either way, the odds are that your home doesn't boast half the killer stuff that these homes do. And hey, why should it? We're all just normal people, existing down here on a normal plane of home ownership and innovation. Leave the fancy stuff to the people who have the money and time to commit to EXTREME home improvements (with extreme dollar signs, to boot).

Instead, we get to enjoy them in photographs (and hope that one of these people invites us over).

#1. A Subterranean Wine Cellar

A spiral staircase leads to you underground and directly to your best bottles.

#2. A Cat Tunnel

You'll probably wish you had one for yourself.

#3. A Mobile Ping-Pong Table

For when the game is getting intense, but Mom wants you out of the kitchen.

#4. A Transparent Bathtub

This looks awesome, and you would look awesome in it.

#5. An Aquarium Bed

Everyone has a little boy in their life would would LOVE this.

#6. A Forest Chandelier

This creates magical silhouettes all over your walls.

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