By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

30 VERY Random Photos That Will Make You Look Twice.

There are plenty of photographs out there that are not necessarily iconic masterpieces but definitely leave you questioning their existence. At times, photos are a reflection of the funny and crazy world we live in. There's an abundance of quirky people and interesting situations out there and there's no need to try to understand them, we are just glad we get a peek at the way they make life that much more exciting.

Here is a compilation of images that just make you go hmmm and some that will make you wish you had a little more information.

#1. Take a seat.

Take a seat.

#2. A bizarre art installation.

#3. An accident or garbage?

An accident or garbage?

#4. A woman trying to get her corn up the escalator.

A woman trying to get her corn up the escalator.

#5. Just how long was it?

Just how long was it?

#6. Jumping fish.

Jumping fish.

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