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20 Awkward Wedding Photos That Are So Embarrassing They’re Funny.

There is so much involved in planning a wedding. Finding the most beautiful bridal dress, elegant decorations, and the perfect location are just some of the things brides and grooms obsess over before the big day.

Capturing such an important date is a must. Whether it’s a professional photographer or a family friend who is in charge of photographing all the important moments of the day. Based on these photos, it's difficult to tell whether someone should have put the camera down or it was perfect timing to be ready for the next shot.

Awkward Family Photos is holding a contest with the most awkward wedding photos. Here are some of the submissions.

#1. Chasing Pavement

“This was the flower girl at my cousin’s wedding. During the family photo session following the ceremony, she just lay down in exhaustion. She was not having it, and was done for the day.”

Chasing Pavement

#2. The Hunger Game

“I was actually thrilled to be married. But I was also starving. My relatives all had the idea that if I ate anything on my wedding day, I would throw up. But seriously, it’s not normal to go all day without eating. And it’s not polite for wedding guests to continuously ding their glasses for the bride and groom to kiss when the bride is JUST TRYING TO GET A BITE IN EDGEWISE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE.”

The Hunger Game

#3. Fan Girls

“Because every bride wants to play solitaire on her wedding day.”

Fan Girls

#4. Objection

“I took this picture at my brother-in-law’s wedding. The couple had just finished their I DOs and were walking towards the reception area. Their 2-yr-old son was walking with them. He suddenly decided he didn’t want to walk with them anymore.”


#5. Cornered

“We got married on a hot summer day in Texas. After taking photos outside for about 30 minutes, the heat began to get to me. The photographer caught this beauty. We call it the “Oh crap, I just got married” face.”


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