By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

People Criticized Them For Having TOO MANY Kids… Their Response Is Hilarious.

It seems most people have strong opinions around how many kids a couple should have. With one child, parents are often told the child will be lonely or grow up to be selfish. All is good with two children as look as one is a boy and one is a girl, otherwise couples are constantly asked “are you trying for the girl?” or “you need to give your husband his boy.” Three seems to be ok if parents pay no mind that the middle child will likely be lonely and have to adjust to not getting enough attention that the eldest and youngest will receive. Four? At this point, the general consensus is to stop being so irresponsible or if the couple owns a TV to pass the time.

One family waiting on an additional bundle of joy sings a lovely song in the key of Miley Cyrus - the perfect response to the naysayers and an anthem for parents everywhere.

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Source: Chad Chapman