By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Homeless Dog Had Trust Issues… So They Came Up With An Ingenious Solution.

When Amanda Guarascio and her partner heard that there was an abandoned, starving dog wandering around an area of Washington's Mount Rainier, they knew they had to try and rescue him.

When the pair located the pup, they spent and hour trying to get him to come closer. They even attempted to offer him food with the hopes that the dog would be desperate enough to come near.

Unfortunately, the dog was so mistrusting and nervous that even a morsel of delicious food couldn't tempt him.Suddenly, Guarascio had an idea. She explained on her Facebook page:

I got down on the ground with my back to the pup, who we have decided to call Bear (okay, Baby Bear to be exact) and slowly started crawling backwards towards where he was laying. I started whimpering and yawning (which is a calming signal), and continued to slowly get closer and closer until I was rested up against the sweet little Baby Bear! (At one point, he got up to try to find us shelter because he saw me as a pathetic human girl that had no survival skills, he sort of took me under his wing!

Baby Bear is now being treated at a local rescue facility, thanks to the patience and creative thinking of Guarascio. Check out the photos from this great rescue story below.

Source: the dodo