By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Newborn Bunny Totally Nailed His First Photo Shoot. Wait Till You See Him Inside The Cup.

My brother used to have a baby bunny named Pancho who I literally stole from him. I felt like I was his mom and he was my baby. I even made Pancho sleep by my bed. The joke in my family is that Pancho ran away because I basically ‘loved him too much.’ He needed his space.

I am not the only one who thinks rabbits are absolutely the most adorable animal on the planet. Photographer Ashraful Arefin has been photographing the cuddly animals for quite some time. In his latest picture series, he captures the development of his bunnies from birth to 30 days old.

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Arefin allows us to share the journey of life with these tiny critters as they grow. It is almost physically impossible to not smile when witnessing the insane cuteness of these animals. Now if only I had a photo of Pancho to share.

Palm-sized pet.

Not quite so fluffy here.

A good stretch starts the day off.

Starting to look cuddly.

Bunny love.

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