By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Heard A Noise Coming From A Storm Drain. His Next Move Brought Tears To My Eyes.

Police officers are trained to protect and help residents in whatever way they can. Putting themselves in danger for the good of others is just part of the job. Officer Dave Shinaver stopped by the side of the road to help Jaden Bashaw.

The teen was walking home when he found a fawn that had fallen in a sewer drain in Sylvania Township, Ohio. Bashaw called the police department for help. That is when officer Shinaver arrived and jumped into action right away.

Adding to the tense situation was the fact that the mama deer was watching from a safe distance, hoping her baby would be saved and reunited with her.

The fawn got stuck in a drain sewer. It's not clear how it got there.

The animal seemed young. It was scared not knowing where to go.

Officer Shaniver removed the metal grates so he could fit in.

Although, he was unable to immerse himself fully, he had enough opening to reach the baby deer.

It is not recommended humans touch wild animals as this may cause them to be rejected by their moms.

Nonetheless, if the officer had not stepped in to help the fawn probably would not have survived.

Officer Shinaver probably didn't start his day thinking he would have to get in a sewer drain.

It was all worth it when he caught the adorable animal. The fawn, although grateful for the rescue wanted to get to its mama as quickly as possible.

Bashaw showed officer Shinaver photos of the rescue.

The Sylvania TWP Police shared the heroic rescue on their Twitter feed.

One last photo before they say goodbye.

The fawn rushed to be with its mama deer who was anxiously waiting.

Officer Shinaver's rescue was recorded on his dash camera.

Source: BuzzFeed