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23 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities, You’ll Feel Bad For #6.

Although the Internet may make it seem like doppelgängers are everywhere, they're actually quite hard to come by in person. Meeting someone who looks just like you isn't common but when you do, it's definitely a moment to remember for the rest of your life. But have you ever heard of a baby doppelgänger? It's a baby that looks just like another baby or adult.

Often times you'll see a resemblance between a kid and his or her parent. That is normal. When a kid resembles another adult, however, that's when it gets interesting — ESPECIALLY when it's a celebrity! Careful though, you might get questioned if that baby is actually yours.

Take a look at some babies below who look just like particular celebrities.

#1. This baby who looks just like Nathan Lane.

I think it's the eyebrows?

#2. This little boy who not only looks but also dresses like Cam from Modern Family.

I cannot handle the resemblance in these photos!

#3. This baby who carries the exact same awkwardness as Michael Cera.

They even got the same fashion style!

#4. This handsome little stud who shares the same awesome hair style as Phil Deville from The Rugrats.

It's like a real life cartoon.

#5. This young boy who looks just like Patton Oswalt.

They share the same face shape and hair!

This young boy who looks just like Patton Oswalt.

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