By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Caught This Mommy Hippo Teaching Her Baby To Do Something VERY Important.

Moms have to teach their babies all kinds of important things about living in the world. This week at the San Diego Zoo, a mama hippo named Funani gave her calf an important lesson that is crucial to the hippo's survival - Check out what she does in the videos below - In the first, Funani is seen encouraging her calf. In the second, she gives him some very important tips.

The new calf is learning how to swim by splashing around with Funani the the pool. Rick Schwartz, ambassador for the zoo, explained what is happening in the second video in an interview:

What you're seeing is mom teaching the baby how to surface for air. A

baby can hold its breath roughly 40 seconds to a minute. Although this

may look like they're playing, it's an important life lesson on how

you surface and how you take a breath.

The calf is about 50-55 pounds, but the zoo staff have yet to determine the sex. According to the zoo, both Funani and baby are doing well - both in the water and out.

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