By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Baby Horse Was Left For Dead, What Happened Next Made Me Sob Buckets.

You've probably read about plenty of dog rescue stories, but this animal rescue effort is a little bit different: It's a baby horse named Gizmo who was abandoned on the side of the road.

When Gizmo was found near Essex, England, he was nearly dead. He was so starved in dehydrated, he couldn't lift his head. Rescuers surmised that he'd been left there - either by his mother or an owner who was unwilling to deal. He was so weak, he had to be carefully taken to a shelter on a blanket. The story of his recovery is nothing short of amazing.

When they found Gizmo, he was nearly dead: Emaciated and unable to move.

When rescuers took him to a stable, they immediately started him on an IV drip.

For awhile, it remained impossible for him to move. The rescuers thought he might die despite their efforts, so they did their best to keep him comfortable.

Word spread about his story, and Gizmo began to receive donations: About $30,000 was raised for his care.

The money mostly went to blankets, food, medicine, and a stuffed animal to keep him from feeling too lonely.

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