By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Baby Boy Outkissing His Dad Will Instantly Fill Your Tired Heart With Joy.

Boys love their mom. There is such a special and magical bond between a boy and his mom. You are forever beautiful despite bed-head hair and dark circle under your eyes. You are funny, silly and give the best cuddles to comfort bumps and bruises.

The little male ball of energy can also be quite territorial when it comes to their special momma. Particularly, when dad is around. Boys love their dads as long as they know that mommy is theirs. Dads can play, run, wrestle and do all those wild things that sometimes moms just don’t quite get but just don’t try to get all cuddly with her.

In the following video, a husband is attempting to kiss his wife. His too-cute-for-words baby is not having any of it. Every time dad leans in for a kiss, the baby follows suit and gives a better smooch. Obviously, the mommy is loving the attention of the two men competing for her love.

Source: OrangeCabinet