By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Baby Lion Tries His Fist Ever Roar… It’s So Cute It Actually Hurts.

A lion does not become the King of the Jungle overnight. It takes a lot of work and preparation. First, the male must grow into a muscular and large size cat that can protect his pride. Second, he must grow a beautiful and full mane to intimidate others as well as attract the lionesses.

Third, the roar. A lion must have a roar that can be heard from a distance. This lets other animals know he is nearby. So it is no surprise that lion cubs must practice their vocal chords to ensure they have the loudest roar. In this video, a tiny cub has the cutest and softest sound. He is not scaring anyone with his growl but at least you have to admire him for trying.

Next, find out what a lioness does when she finds a baby baboon.

Source: BigMania