By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Cats Meets A Baby For The First Time… At 1:40 Your Heart Will Melt.

Most cat owners will confess to their pet being cautious, dismissive or just not interested in meeting a new person. Felines prefer to be given their space before they decide to give a human the chance to cuddle with them.

One family brought their newborn home to a household of five cats. Perhaps it was their sixth sense that told them the baby was family. One by one, the kitties approached the new creature absolutely fascinated by him.

The cats took turns smelling and staring at the sleeping boy. One of the cats seemed terrified at this new addition at 1:48. We cannot blame the animals for their confusion and fear, as new parents will attest, we also stared at our newborns completely dumbfounded and unaware of how this new baby was going to change our lives.

You will want to turn on your closed captioning for this hilarious meeting.

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Source: Suri Noel