Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Adorable Baby Copying Model Uncle’s Poses Is Taking Instagram By Storm.

Why do we love Instagram? Because there are lots of hunky models that make our blood sizzle. There are also some really darn cute pics of babies too. But one Instagram account is giving us the best of both worlds. Now imagine being born into a family where you have an uncle that looks like a Greek adonis and doesn't mind posing shirtless on social media. What do you do? You get a head start and follow in his footsteps because deep inside, you know you're destined for model greatness. That's how 18-month-old Augie decided to give his model uncle Aristotle Polites a run for his money with an overdose of cuteness.

Just one look at these two side by side and you'll be asking yourself, who wore it better?

Augie and Aris, you two seriously can't keep doing this to our hearts, babes!

Augie's mom, Katina Behm, admits that Augies's initial confusion faded and is taking modeling like a pro.

These two are seriously playing with our hearts and tugging at our heartstrings with each pic.

Like uncle like nephew, these two always look like they have something on their minds in each shoot.

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