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25 Of The Funniest Baby Moments Ever… But #23 Might Need An Exorcist.

Bringing a newborn into the household can be very... eventful. They come into your life and turn your world completely upside down. You might even find yourself regretting having kids during certain moments. They poop, they cry, they create a mess everywhere they possibly can. But at the end of the day, there's just something about these little devils that make you feel complete.

All bad days aside, you must admit some of the moments you share with your baby are the ones you'll remember forever. And the best ones out of those ones are the funny ones.

Parenting takes a lot of patience so it's relieving to have these nice moments of joy and laughter every so often. Take a look at some of the funniest baby parenting moments below.

#1. What a baby getting an x-ray looks like.

So we see the upper part, where's the baby's bottom part?

#2. Dreads can come in more useful than you think.

They can be used as a baby safety device.

#3. "I must stay, for I have found my people."

He's finally found a sense of belonging.

"I must stay, for I have found my people."

#4. When a baby sees a garage door open for the first time.

These are special memories in the making people.

#5. "Are we bad parents?"

That kid looks like he's really laughing his booty off though.

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