By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Baby Porcupine Is So Cute You Want To (VERY Carefully) Cuddle Him.

The Bronx zoo is on diaper duty. The newest edition of the Wildlife Conservation Society is an adorable porcupette who was born on July 28, 2015. Although the zoo has not released the name of the porcupine, he’s already getting a lot of attention online. He is the third offspring of mom Alice and dad Patrick.

The porcupine is known for their spiky quills, which are quite painful when hooked on another animal or a person’s flesh. The baby’s quills are soft, but begin to harden within hours of its birth. The quills will continue to harden as the rodent ages. The baby and his family are in the newly renovated Children's Zoo exhibit.

The newest baby at the Bronx zoo is a porcupette.

The cute baby boy hasn't been named yet.

His mom Alice will nurse him for about three months. Although, he is already eating solids.

Welcome to the world baby!

Next, Teddy the porcupine eats a pumpkin.

Source: Zooborns