By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Little-Known Secret To Putting A Baby To Sleep... I'm Dumbfounded I Didn't Know This.

People will tell you putting a baby to sleep is probably one of the hardest things to do. Lullabies, cuddling, wearing a specific sleeper or a gentle caress are common techniques used by moms and dads since the dawn of time. Modern parents will set the room to a specific temperature, use mood lighting, and soothing white noise to get their infants to doze off.

My husband and I even paid for a baby-sleeping course and wondered after a couple weeks of zero-success if we could get a refund. However, one genius mom uses some tissue to put her three-month-old to sleep. The funny thing is, this technique is so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not having thought of it first. For folks out there with newborns, run out to the store for your supply of tissue. I am wondering if this method also works on preschoolers and older children.

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Source: Nathan Dailo