By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Started With 6 Wooden Posts, Then Built The Coolest DIY Deck Ever.

One talented DIY-er and Reddit user with the name MyDIYAccount took a small, seemingly unusable parcel of land and created a backyard. In a space a little larger than a spot to park a car, the handyman built a beautiful mini-sanctuary that is a thing to marvel.

A Reddit user was able to see beyond the small space and envisioned his own personal getaway.

He cemented six, 4x4 Douglas fir posts. This was the beginning of the project.

He created a privacy shade in the style of venetian blinds that also allow for a way to enjoy the breeze.

For the actual blinds, $900 worth of cedar was used.

The blinds were stained a beautiful red/brown color.

The fence was looking great once the stain dried.

Each 1x8 board had routered edges and dog ear tips for a more upscale and finished look.

The door was added and stained the same color. This piece alone weighed about 75Lbs. and had to be anchored using heavy duty components.

Now the challenge was to create something beautiful within very limited space.

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