By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Exchanges Back Rubs With A GRIZZLY… And It’s Frighteningly Cute.

Last night, Leonardo DiCaprio won a Golden Globe for his performance in The Revenant. The most shocking part of the hit film was when Leo's character went one-on-one with a vicious grizzly, ending in a mauling scene that was hard to watch.

That being said, this bear interaction couldn't be more different.

In the video below, one lucky guy gets to have the most adorable, cuddly moment with a massive grizzly who just wants to be loved. We'd be lying if we said the interaction didn't make us a little nervous -- but then again, we're also a little bit jealous.

Someone asked for video of Jim and Jimbo playing. I found this on my phone! :)

Posted by Orphaned Wildlife Center on Saturday, January 2, 2016

Here's a wild bear encounter that's almost hard to believe.

Source: Orphaned Wildlife Center