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Dad Couldn't Afford To Buy His Son A Backpack So He Made One Instead.

People living in poverty-stricken countries have a rough time making ends meet. Putting food on everyone’s plate is also a challenge. So, things like school supplies and backpacks become a low priority. This is something one teacher from Cambodia was all too familiar with. But imagine her surprise when one of his students walked into class with a backpack, unlike any she had ever seen before. This wasn’t the kind of bookbag that someone could walk into a store and buy. This was obviously made with lots of love, so the teacher shared the photo on social media and wait until you hear the story behind it.

Getting a proper education is crucial for shaping the future of Cambodian children like this boy.

But it helps to have a backpack that makes you look really hip and cool in front of your peers. So recently, a teacher noticed the backpack a student was carrying and learned that the boy’s father had made it.

Getting a proper education is crucial for shaping the future of Cambodian children like this boy.

Sophous Suon / Facebook

Most of us take school supplies for granted, but this student's dad knows how important a backpack is.

This child’s peers have parents who undoubtedly struggle with finances. But this kiddo has learned a brilliant lesson about making do with what you’ve got from the best teacher ever—his loving father.

To help his son gain an upper hand on his education, one dad made this backpack and became a star.

Once Sophous Suon, the boy's school teacher, shared photos of the child’s backpack, the story went viral. Then the father became a shining example of the kind of parent everyone should strive for. Heck! This guy should get an award for dad of the year!

Suon noticed right away that this wasn’t a typical backpack, but rather something totally original.

Most parents in the village can’t afford to spend money on backpacks for their children. This student's dad is a farmer with a limited budget so, in lieu of buying a bag, he got very creative.

The boy's dad found as much raffia string as he could to weave his son a blue backpack.

When Suon’s photos of the bag went viral, people were blown away by the parent’s creativity. Suon herself found the concept very heartwarming. Soon, people online reached out to see if they could lend the family a hand.

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