Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Dad Couldn't Afford To Buy His Son A Backpack So He Made One Instead.

The general consensus from everyone is that this dad is beyond amazing.

Hopefully, the attention this dedicated father has gotten will do his family some financial good. This dad could literally make more bags, sell them on Etsy and make enough money to start a business.

The great thing about raffia string is that it’s almost like plastic so it’s less absorbent than cloth.

This undoubtedly makes it easier to clean. So aside from this bag being awesome, if it gets dirty, the child or parent can easily wipe it clean. Maybe the foreigners who have contacted the teacher can provide the student’s dad with enough money to buy more raffia string and make bags for every child.

The child’s dad put a great deal of attention to detail, so the bag will work just like a store-bought bag.

This dad is a hero for sure, and the bag is wonderfully designed thanks to his impressive handiwork. Hopefully, he’ll consider making more bags so he can weave his way to a new life for young boy and the rest of his family.

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