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20 Bizarre Demands Made By Famous Celebrities… NO WAY I’d Do That For Mariah Carey.

Most musicians and actors consider themselves artists, which means they don't necessarily think the same way as the rest of us. Add to that their incredible wealth and their acclimation to people meeting their needs, and well, it's no surprise that celebrities can be slightly demanding.

Below are 20 celebrities who are reported to have taken their ridiculous demands to a new level, sometimes to the point where it's just downright weird. Read about their list of backstage must-haves below - You're not going to believe who wanted actual human dwarves in his dressing room.

#1. Van Halen

In the 1980's Van Halen famously stipulated that they have M&Ms on their tour- but no brown ones. Though we'd love to think that David Lee Roth just had a weird aversion to the brown candies, the truth is much more reasonable. Back then, the band had huge contract riders, and many of their promoters didn't read the fine print. In order to make sure people were paying attention, David Lee Roth insisted the M&M request be in the middle of the huge stack of paperwork.

Van Halen

F. Scott Schafer

#2. Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo might be a colorful personality, but she demands that there be no color in her dressing room. No matter where she is, her dressing room is not allowed to have any colors in at all. Instead, she prefers a room with white flowers, white tables, white drapes, white candles, etc. I only hope that she doesn't drink red wine in there.

Jennifer Lopez

Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

#3. Will Ferrell

Ever the funny-man Ferrell likes to make over-the-top requests to make fun of celebrity demands. In the past, that has included a "Janet Jackson-style" headset microphone, a rainbow on wheels, a three-wheeled electric scooter, a 6-foot flight of rolling stairs, and an artificial tree.

Will Ferrell

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

#4. Britney Spears

Britney isn't the demure high school girl that she used to be. Now, she's a grown woman with grown woman demands. Those include a private phone line in her dressing room for outgoing calls only (she fines the promoter $5,000 for any unauthorized incoming calls). She also likes two boxes of Pop Tarts, Froot Loops cereal, cable television, two sofas and stench-free carpeting from wall to wall.

Britney Spears

Getty Images

#5. Madonna

Madonna is basically the queen of pop, and a queen's demands must be met. That extends specifically to her dressing room bathroom, where she requires that a new toilet be installed just for her.


Larry Busacca/Getty Images

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