By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Cheap (And Totally Doable) DIY Projects For Your Backyard… I’m Doing #9 Today.

#7. Steel Pipe Garden Edging

Line your garden with lengths of steel pipe to section it off. Plant succulents in the top of the pipes to avoid making the space look too industrial.

#8. Garden Shed Mirrors

If you've got an old or dilapidated garden shed, line the outside walls with mirrors for an upgrade. The mirrors will reflect the sky and trees around them, making the shed look beautiful

#9. Colored Marble Fencing

A few holes and some glass marbles are all you need to turn your boring wood fence into a whimsical, sun-streamed masterpiece.

#10. Hula-Hoop Chandelier

A hula-hoop is lightweight, making it an excellent choice for this chandelier DIY. Simply wrap the hoop in string (to cover the plastic) and add strands of magical lights.

#11. An Outdoor Orb

The orbs look awesome in a dark backyard. You could even use them to line the edges of your patio.

#12. Chalkboard Fence

Keep the kids busy while you sip sangria with this excellent section of chalkboard fencing.

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