By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Found Some Old Wooden Pallets. What She Did With Them… WOW.

We already know that pallets are extremely versatile when it comes to DIY projects, but who knew they could be turned into entire outdoor rooms with just a few simple steps? One innovative builder used pallets to create just that, and her finished product is totally awesome.

So, just how did she create this amazing outdoor space? It's not as complicated as you might think. Check out the steps below to see just how easy this pallet DIY actually is.

Here's a small glimpse of the final result. That's right: It's this cool.

The builder started with a sketch, which included 20 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for floor, 3 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for table, 12 pallets size 80 x 120 cm for bench, 8 pallets size 100 x 120 cm for high fence, and a few cut off pallets for lower fence. Terrace will be 4 x 6 meters big.

She sanded all of the pallets to give them a smooth surface, and to remove excess dirt.

She coated all of the pallets with primer to make the paint adhere more efficiently.

Now it was time to paint the pallets white with the air gun.

She left the pallets in the sun to dry - it's probably best to wait overnight for this.

She laid down geotextile fabric as a base to prevent grass from growing between the wood (the blue one is for a pool)

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