By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

‘Bad Blood’ By Taylor Swift In 20 Different Styles. #15 Took Me By Surprise.

By this point, Anthony Vincent is a man who knows his craft. He's been making incredibly popular videos called Ten Second Songs, in which he covers particular songs in different styles in ten seconds each. The product of his talent is highly entertaining, and now he's back with a new group of ten second jams: This time, he's covering Taylor Swift's smash hit "Bad Blood" in 20 different styles.

We never realized how versatile T-Swift's song was until we saw this video. Vincent includes covers of the revenge anthem in the style of The Drifters, Black Sabbath, and even TLC. Our favorite is the Janis Joplin cover - it basically sounds like it was meant to be her song in the first place.

Have you heard Anthony's 20 styles of Katy Perry's Dark Horse?

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