By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Dogs Who Are Not Even Pretending To Feel Bad About What They Did.

Sure, your mother always told you it wasn't nice to make other people feel bad. Shaming someone for the mistakes they've made is nothing short of cruel and unusual. However, when it comes to dog-shaming, well, the world needs more of it. Just look at these dogs, caught red-pawed in the midst of their own debauchery.

What better way to shame them publicly (or pup-licly?) than by committing their crimes to print and photographing the dogs with a copy of their malfeasance? If a dog insists upon eating your prized possessions, should they not be shamed?

The baleful looks these dogs are making definitely show some awareness for what they've done, so much so that you almost end up feeling bad for them. Then again, they didn't poop in your vent. Check out the culprits below - #9 is just infuriating.

#1. Legos are expensive, bro.

#2. No dog will take away my right to taco.

#3. Really? Right there in that exact spot?

#4. This dog is kind of freaky.

#5. Friends don't let friends poop on pillows.

#6. The one on the left looks so sad.

#7. Ouch.

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