Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

The Worst Food Porn We’ve Ever Seen In Our Entire Lives.

Who doesn't love food porn? They're beautiful photos of delicious food that'll make your mouth water instantly. We do admit that looking at such photos is a little torturing but it's the good type of torture.

The following photos, however, are the bad type of torture. They're torturing to look at because they look like the last thing anyone would ever eat. Some of the dishes are just lacking a few presentation skills, while others are just completely ridiculous concoctions. Take a look at some of the worst food photos ever.

#1. Do you love pickles?

You probably won't anymore after eating this disaster of a burger.

#2. A very creative way of incorporating the ever so popular emojis.

Despite how funny it is, it doesn't change how unappetizing it looks.

#3. First of all, what are we even looking at here?

Is that fish surrounded by peas surrounded by nuggets??? Or are they cookies? Can someone explain please?!

#4. So this is supposed to be the ultimate cure for the munchies?

But it looks like someone just threw whatever they had in the fridge onto a plate.

#5. Apparently they ran out of bread.

So of course the next best thing would be an ice cream cone. Carbs are carbs, right?

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