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12 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat. #10 Is Particularly Hazardous.

Dog owners want the very best for their canine friends. However, given how curious most dogs are and how they end up in the most interesting places, we are forced to take extra caution to ensure our furry pals are not hurt.

Most often a dog will also ingest something that may be harmful and even fatal to it. Given all dogs sense of living for the moment and not considering the consequences of what we eat, it is then dog owners’ job to ensure they are up-to-date on what foods are dangerous.

It should also be noted that the amount of damage these foods can do vary on the specific breeds and sizes of your dogs. Like humans, all dogs are different and can react differently to foods. It is better to keep them away from these foods just for good measure.

It is important to note which foods are harmful to dogs so we can ensure our four-legged companions are safe.

#1. Bacon

Your doggy can make the saddest face, whine, and cry for bacon. They love the smell and will beg if need-be to have a couple of slices, but beware this is not good for your beloved friend.

Bacon is high in fat, and salt, and can result in pancreatic inflammation. The pancreas plays an important role of releasing enzymes that digest and absorb food.

#2. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts have been recently added to the list of dangerous food for dogs. It is not known the exact component in the nut that is dangerous but the reactions can vary from weakness, inability to walk (specifically in their hind legs), depression, tremors, vomiting and hypothermia. Painkillers, antipyretic and fluids are given when more than one to two kilograms are ingested.

#3. Chocolate

During every major holiday, chocolate seems to be in all of our homes. Chocolate contains caffeine, and methylxanthines which is toxic when ingested by our canines. If you suspect your pet of eating chocolate, watch for symptoms such as vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pains, and seizures.



#4. Milk

As mammals, dogs drink their mother's milk. Nonetheless, cow milk contains lactose which is a type of sugar which is difficult for your pup to break down. Dogs are not likely to die from drinking milk but it can lead to diarrhea which exposes it to bacteria. The bacteria can later develop in to a serious disease.

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