By Amanda

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25 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Who Destroyed Your Stuff… #15 Is Just Too Funny.

There is a lot of good that comes with having a pet. They can add a lot of love and joy to our lives, and when coming home from a long workday, it's always nice to have a furry, fishy, or feathery creature there waiting for you - unless, of course, you have a cat. Cats don't care if you're around or not.

Sometimes, though, pet ownership gets a little bit more harrowing. While we all love our pets, the fact of the matter is that they have it within their power to ruin everything. Suddenly, the conversation because less about their awesomeness, and more "why can't we have nice things?"

#1. The cat that stole the meatballs.

"Sherman is a foster kitten that LOVES people food! He climbed up on the counter to knock off a casserole dish of leftover meatballs. Bad boy, Sherman! " - Anonymous

#2. The keyboarding parakeet.

"Oodie the Alexandrine parakeet. He's about 8mths old here…the forbidden stuff is always the crunchiest….they never tire of it, I'm looking forward to decades of ruined stuff." - Oodie's Dad

#3. The baddest kitty.

"Our new rescue decided it would be fun to dig up a plant in our dining room. It didn’t seem to bother the cat much as she simply settled in on top of the mound of soil. The mess was cleaned up and then an hour later my son came to tell me that Daisy dug up a plant. Yup–she dug it up again within an hour of the first incident." - Susan

#4. The dog that has a taste for ink.

"I was sitting on my bed watching tv and our Shorkie Duke jumped up to join me. I noticed his face was blue and couldn't figure out what happened. Until I walked into the kitchen…..he had been chewing on a blue gel ink pen. There were little blue paw prints all over the floor! Our boxer Daisy was crouched in the corner looking at me like "I was NOT involved.". Luckily, it came right up and he's too cute to give away." - Cheri

#5. The dog that demands the same privileges as the cat.

"The cat door was destroyed by a rescue bulldog …. Yaya thought that meant she had an ongoing open hole for entry and exit. My husband put in the new door, leaving a few screws loose for fitment purposes… Yaya decided that this catdoor was just NOT going to deter her ingress/egress. She's gotta contract, dammit!" - Heather

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