By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Awkward Family Photos That Failed So Hard It’s A Crime To Laugh.

Taking family photos requires the patience of a saint. It’s important to do document holidays, important occasions or just the opportunity to see how much the kids have grown. Although, there are many reasons to avoid this painful exercise.

For one, not everyone likes to have their pictures taken and will make sure you know it. As much as we think we have the most beautiful family that ever lived, some folks are just not photogenic, and of course the impossible task to get everyone to pose at the same time.

It’s no wonder family photographers are high in demand, parents have just given up. Still, even the professionals struggle getting just one single photo that is decent enough to put in a frame. Here are the best of the worst family photos. #9 will want to have a simple, sitting down shot next time.

#1. Writing naughty words together as a family is a new type of bonding.

#2. They were going at each other like animals!

#3. There is always the one drunken cousin who can't stand up straight.

#4. Dad should have known he is not supposed to let go, ever!

#5. They went from taking family photos to taking Jimmy to the hospital.

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