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14 Signs You Might Be Terrible In Bed And Don’t Even Know It.

According to a recent survey conducted by HealthyWomen and Working Mother magazine, women today are putting their own health last. That's right. Women put their children, partners, and sometimes, their pets, before themselves. Additionally, 62 percent of women admitted that they were unsatisfied with their sex lives. Although 41 percent of the women surveyed regularly have orgasms during sexual activities, a large number of those orgasms come from masturbation — the woman's own doing, without the help of their partner.

In most cases, sex can reflect the health of the relationship and that of the individual. Having sex with another person may bring you closer to one another. It also boosts your immunity and helps improve your mood. That's why more couples should open up about what's working and what's not. How can you sustain something that isn't enjoyable?

Sexual satisfaction is a hot topic, but because of its sensitive nature, many couples struggle to talk about it with each other. The subject is then brought up in circles of friends but it should really be happening between the two people involved.

If you're more of a DIY kind of person, you can find a few things to avoid in the bedroom in the list below, but the best advice we can give you is to open up that conversation with your partner.

#1. You skip the foreplay.

Let's be real. On some days, you are just more ready than others. But just in case, you should always engage in a little foreplay. Even if you're ready, you want to make sure that you're not hurting yourself or your partner (or cutting the night too short).

You skip the foreplay.


#2. You come on too strong and you don't know when to stop.

Slow down, cowboy. A little pushing and shoving might seem sexy, maybe you saw it in a movie once, but there is such a thing as too rough. Don't get too caught up in the moment. Make sure your partner can breathe okay. Make sure you aren't hurting anyone.

Sex isn't just about you and what makes you feel good. Make sure you're practicing safe sex, and we're not just talking about condoms. Set boundaries. If you're into BDSM, make sure to always use a safeword.

You come on too strong and you don't know when to stop.


#3. You act like you're running a marathon.

In the Olympics, the winners never look back. They run as fast as they can until they get to the finish line. Sex is not the same thing. Don't do that. Look at your partner and determine the pace accordingly. When it comes to sex, you don't get a gold medal for finishing first. No one likes jack rabbit sex.

You act like you're running a marathon.

#4. You're a pillow princess.

In the queer world, we use the word 'pillow princess' to describe those individuals that prefer to lie there and receive all the goods without reciprocating. Some folks actually enjoy this set up, but those who haven't should probably step it up. Feeling sluggish? To gain energy, start eating right and exercising regularly. However, if there are some things that you really don't feel comfortable with, don't force yourself to do them. Be as clear and as firm as possible when disclosing the discomfort with your partner.

You're a pillow princess.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

#5. You only focus on one thing: the Big O.

When you only focus on the orgasm, you're settling yourselves up for disappointment. Enjoy all the little parts that come with sex. Don't take them for granted.

You only focus on one thing: the Big O.


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