Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

The 20 Worst Life Hacks The Internet Has Ever Seen.

Don't you just hate when a person offers advice that you never asked for or even needed? Life tips are generally very much appreciated but not when they're terrible tips. Although we may never take these tips to heart, we can still get a good laugh out of them.

Yeah they won't help you with much, but at least they're useful for putting a smile to our faces. From adding toothpaste to meals to drawing on a toenail with black permanent marker, these "pro" tips are too funny to not laugh at.

Before proceeding, please keep in mind that these tips aren't meant to be taken seriously. So please don't try them at home!

#1. Spray your tangled earphones with Johnson's "No More Tangles."

This tangle spray untangles every tangle imaginable!

#2. Pretend you're the moon by taking a selfie through a toilet roll tube.

In all honesty, however, it just looks like you in a circle.

#3. When you're feeling tired but want your kid to feel loved, put a bean filled glove on your baby's back.

They won't even notice the difference!

#4. Gain weight to make the creases in your shirt disappear.

You can throw away that iron now!

#5. Prevent tears from chopping onions by wrapping your face with saran wrap.

Didn't you know that saran wrap is the best protection for sensitive eyes?

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