By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This 87 Year-Old Is Younger Than You Ever Were. Her Photos Are Inspiring The Internet.

Helen Van Winkle aka Baddie Winkle is not your typical grandma. For starters, she is an Instagram sensation with 1.5 million followers. Winkle poses in tie-dye t-shirts, shorts, bikinis, and toques; not the standard granny attire.

Winkle began dressing flashy after the death of her son and husband. It allowed her to cope by turning herself into Baddie. The 87-year-old does not feel she needs to dress a certain way because of her age. “I don’t feel old. I have never felt old. I think you can dress any way you want to.”

Baddie Winkle hung out with singer Miley Cyrus at the MTV's Video Music Awards.

“I don’t like ‘old women’ clothes. I never wore them in my life." -Baddie Winkle.

Helen Van Winkle says that Baddie Winkle has taught her a lot. One of the lessons: live and let live.

Winkle wants to be a role model for older people.

The grandmother is followed by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Nicole Richie.

Although she takes photos wearing cannabis inspired designs, the grandmother admits she has never tried it.

She humbly states, "stealing your man since 1928."

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