By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This 8 Year-Old Has Cerebral Palsy. Watch His Reaction When He Completes A Triathlon.

Most of us have talked about running in a marathon but preparing for one though takes a lot of time and both mental and physical preparation. Most people will give up before they begin. It takes a very determined individual to pass the finish line.

Bailey Matthews did not just complete a marathon but a triathlon: 100-meter lake swim, 4 kilometer bike ride, and a 1.3 kilometer run.

What makes Matthews’ story so inspiring is that the athlete is only eight years old and has cerebral palsy which affects his motor functions. In the last 20 meters of the run, the young athlete drops his walker and completes the race as the crowd cheers him on. What an incredible kid.

This young girl with cerebral palsy stunned guests at a wedding when she walked down the aisle.

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