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25 Christmas Baking Fails That Won’t Fill You With Joy.

During the Christmas season one of the best things to enjoy is the food. There are so many tasty treats to enjoy that a lot of times you don’t even know where to start. A great spread can be the difference between a bad or boring day and an absolutely great one.

However, just like anything else in life, some things are best left to those that know what they are doing. Someone that knows how to cook can put together some really great treats that not only taste fantastic, but they look very enticing as well. And then there are those that try but can’t quite get it right.

You have to give them credit because at least they tried. They saw something they liked and put forth the effort to try and duplicate it. Quite often those situations have completely hilarious results if an amateur makes the attempt. They may taste just fine but a bad appearance will stop even the hungriest of men from giving it a try.

Today you will see some very funny fails of what the cook was shooting for and what they actually turned out. If you don’t laugh out loud at least twice something is really wrong with you!

#1. What should have been certainly didn't turn out that way.

#2. The finished product looks a bit different from the sample.

#3. Strawberries have never looked so bad.

Strawberries have never looked so bad.


#4. It looks like it could have been very tasty. It didn't turn out that way though.

#5. Where is the tree?

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