By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Photos That Prove Hairless Cats Are Actually Not Creepy At All.

The Sphynx is just about the most unusual looking feline there is, and it has a pretty interesting history to boot. Most people assume that the animal came from ancient Egypt, but in actuality, the breed originated in 1960's Canada, bred from a mutant cat who had no fur.

However, not all Sphynxes are actually hairless: Many of them are covered with a fine white fuzz. They can also have markings that resemble other cats, such as spots and stripes. Another thing that sets them apart is that, unlike other cats, Sphynxes actually need baths from time to time, since they have no fur to absorb their natural body oils.

Despite all of the unique little nuances about this animal, they can actually make wonderful, loving pets. This photographer captured the beauty and peculiarity of the Sphinx - How would you like to have this guy walking around your house?

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