By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

There’s A ‘Ball Pit Bar’ For Grown-Ups Who Think Adulthood Is Overrated.

Some grown-ups got to release their inner child at a ball pit in the Romper Room club. Forward Motion set up the ball pit in the San Francisco bar last weekend. Guests danced to 90’s music and jumped into over 40,000 multi-coloured balls.

Forward Motion is a non-profit organization helping people live out their bucket list items. And those attending were not disappointed as they got in to friendly ball fights, swimming in the pit; all the while maturely drinking their cocktails.

Ryan Lum, founder of the organization is already planning a second party at another nightclub in April. He hopes to bring the ball pit parties across the country.

It took Ryan Lum over a year to plan the first pit ball party.

"It was also hilarious to see everyone dancing the Macarena, singing the Backstreet Boys, having ball fights with the upstairs crowds, forming conga lines, and playing a limbo game," says Lum.

This video will definitely bring back happy memories.

Next, this is what happens when mommy is out doing errands and daddy is playing ball with the kids.

Source: Forward Motion