By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Enigmatic Cloud Of 100,000 Balloons Is Every Bit As Cool As It Sounds.

The balloons are also rigged with a warm, mellow light, and the light moves and flows every few minutes.

Watching the installation in action is truly mesmerizing.

Interestingly, the white balloons in the convent hall were not the artist's first attempt at a project like this. Here, he conceived the project "Invasions," inside a normal house in France.

This was the first time that Pétillon has worked outside of France, so it was important moment in his career. "Heartbeats" was launched directly ahead of the London Design Festival, capturing the history and energy of the city. See the installation in all of its phases in the video below.

Next, 50 people were asked to step into a room full of balloons.

Source: Design Boom

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