By Amanda

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One Powerful Photo Reveals The REAL Baltimore… You Won’t See This On TV.

No matter what your opinions on what’s going on in Baltimore, we can all agree on the fact that the media’s coverage of the rioting isn’t doing anyone any favors. While media outlets are busy focusing on the negative (all the while failing to report that reporters make up the majority of the “growing crowd”), they are failing to showcase what community members in Baltimore are doing to keep their city in one piece. Luckily, social media allows Baltimore residents to share the positive things they’re doing during this nightmare with the rest of the world. Check out the hopeful photos and videos below.

Was this on the news? #baltimore #blacklivesmatter #baltimoreriots #wearebaltimore #baltimorestrong

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Man blocks the entrance to the 7-Eleven from roving bands of looters

Stand for something, or you will fall for anything! #RIP #freddiegray #BALTIMORE

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