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Custom Bottle Top Bar Will Give You Serious Man-Cave Goals.

This guy Chris had a dream. He wanted to have a bottle cap bar top and he wanted to build it himself. Some people that dream do only that, accompanied by a lot of empty talk. Not many actually take the next step of doing. Chris is not a talker, he is a doer. The proof is in the finished product.

He had his family and friends saved bottle caps for over five years so he could put them into his custom made bar top. You will see below that it wasn’t always easy or quick, but look at the beautiful end result. It was definitely worth the effort.

Here's the finished bottle cap bar. This is a custom made, bottle cap, bar top. What a beautiful piece of work!

It was made with bottle caps that had been saved up for over five years. They are beer caps from all over.

Free labor is highly under rated. Someone said having kids is tough sometimes. Putting them to work on the sorting process doesn't appear to be one of those times.

Here's the caps sorted out. The sorting process took a long time. The colors had to matched up well so they looked good next to each other over such a large space.

The bar top was built by hand. They were made with two large pieces of good quality 5/8" plywood.

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