By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

14 REALLY Simple DIY Ideas To Breathe New Life Into Bare Walls.

When you're first decorating your home, you might find yourself having a shocking realization: There is a hell of a lot of blank wall space.

Instead of panicking and covering your walls with generic prints - or worse, nothing at all, take a look at these 14 bare wall ideas. They are original, creative, and aren't too hard on your budget, either. Prepare to get inspired. #7 is surprisingly chic.

#1. Turn blank wall into a map of the world.

Old maps make a great decoration for blank wall, perfect for a study or cozy den.

#2. Use decorative plates for low-fuss charm.

A few colorful plates can go a long way to make a wall look upgraded - plus, you always have one at reach if you want to eat in bed.

#3. Hang a few whimsical birdcages.

Spray paint a handful of birdcages and hang them on some blank wall space. Bonus points if you actually keep birds inside.

#4. Overlap frames for a geometric motif.

Spray paint the frames in cool, complimentary tones.

#5. Make your walls sing.

Printing and mounting song lyrics can add some musical charm to your walls. Use your favorite songs keep the fonts fresh and varied.

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