By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Said She Was ‘Brave’ To Post These Images Online… Her Response Is PERFECT.

Jessica Kane is a plus-size blogger and a powerhouse in the plus-size fashion industry. She recently uploaded a photo to her Instagram page of herself in a swimsuit, and was met with plenty of comments about how "brave" she was for daring to show off her body.

Kane's response to those comments will definitely surprise you.

Here are her words, taken from her Instagram page:

THIS WAS NOT BRAVE. I've been told how brave I am for not having a coverup, but going with out a wrap would only take bravery if I cared what others thought of me, but I don't. I spend my time worrying about things I CAN control and this day, I was only thinking about how fab I felt and how much sun I was catching. Things that DO take bravery? A family battling tragic illness, a mother trying to beat addiction, a person trying to break free of domestic violence, reaching out for help when you have already planned your suicide and feel like you can't breath one more day. THAT is brave. Not wearing a swimsuit at the beach. LIVE life and only worry about what really matters.

What do you think? Did her photo take bravery, or not?

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