Elementary Students Surprised To Find Unexpected Messages Left In School Bathrooms.

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Parents of students at Mary Moore Elementary in Arlington, Texas, understand how vital it is to encourage their children, so they began to take steps to help them. The parents got together to spread some optimism and cheer in a place no one would ever expect: the bathrooms.

Then, when they were freshly covered with black paint, they were able to write the powerful messages.

During President’s Day weekend, the parent volunteers spent more than 37 hours sanding all of the school’s bathroom doors.

Mary Moore Elementary

They've written things such as "You are enough," and "Choose Joy," and "Your mistakes don't define you."

Uplifting messages were painted on each stall door to encourage them to be positive thinkers.

Mary Moore Elementary

He says that the students have "taken a sense of pride and ownership, and have nothing but exciting things to say."

Tyson Jones, the school's principal, is raving about the changes.

Mary Moore Elementary

That's why it's so important for adults in their lives to help them. Children need to be encouraged to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Sometimes it's hard for children to lift themselves up.

Mary Moore Elementary

They wanted to spread messages of love, kindness, and positivity throughout the whole campus.

The mission of the parents is essential to the success of their children.

Mary Moore Elementary

Hopefully, this will inspire other parents to start this at their children's school, as well.

This should definitely be a trend that's spread across the world.

Mary Moore Elementary

So if you're a parent, caregiver, or just spend time with children, make sure that you're teaching the children in your life lessons such as these.

In a world full of negativity and hate, it's crucial to shine positivity.

Mary Moore Elementary

The children of today are the leaders of the future, so let's help make the world a better place for them.

What a wonderful surprise it must have been for the students coming back from a long weekend.

Mary Moore Elementary

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