By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

For Grown Up Children… This Might Just Be The World’s Best Hotel.

In east Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China, themed hotels are quite popular and can be found in many major cities. That being said, the Eden Hotel in Khaosiung, Taiwan, might trump them all. So what makes this place so special? Well, there's one room in the Eden Hotel with a theme that will transport you straight to the shadowy streets of Gotham City.

The entire room is decked out with Batman paraphernalia, including this awesome bat-bed that has great view of the Gotham skyline.

Even the bedframe is an homage to the Caped Crusader.

And, just in case you forgot where you were for a moment, the TV is here to remind you that you're still in Gotham... well as the vanity and room furniture.

If you prefer your superheroes to be slightly more ocean-oriented, there is also an Aquaman themed room to satisfy all your maritime pleasures.

If superheroes aren't really your thing, the hotel also boasts other movie-themed rooms, such as this gem that aims to transport you to a scene from The Mummy.

Or this "Alcatraz Room," which comes with it's own set of handcuffs.

There are also somewhat confusing themed rooms, such as this "London Room," which may or may not remind you of London.

Eden Hotel looks like an average place from the outside, but what lies within is definitely out of the ordinary. If you'll be traveling in Khaosiung any time soon, why not check out a room?

Keep in mind: Like many Taiwanese and east Asian hotels, this place charges by the hour. Some people must really, really like Batman.