Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

One Woman’s BBQ Failure Was So Bad It’s Actually Impressive.

This is a tale of a barbecue that went terribly wrong.

At most barbecue parties, men are in charge of the grill. They cook the food and become the chef of the day. They barbecue burgers, chicken, oysters, you name it. Of course, barbecuing isn't exclusively a "man" thing. Women are just as capable to handle a grill and barbecue as much food as they want.

Unfortunately, not all women are so skillful. The photos below tell a story of a woman's barbecue that somehow consecutively got worse and worse. Literally, everything bad that could have potentially happen happened. To say that this woman has bad luck is an understatement.

But hey, at least she tried. If anyone's looking for a used grill, look no further.

This looks like a great start. She got the grill and the charcoal, what could go wrong here?

Never mind, we were wrong. She managed to lose a part of her body.

Nothing like the smell of burning hair.

What's worse than too big of a fire on a grill? No fire at all.

Houston, we have a problem.

Sometimes you just need that extra aide of help.

At least she owns up to her "cheating" methods.

Don't you just hate when neighbors try to be nice with their small talk when you know damn well their compliments are fake.

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