By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Bizarre Things People Have Found At The Beach… #16 Chilled Me To The Bone.

If you live near a beach, you've probably spent some time collecting beach treasures from the sand. Sea glass, driftwood, and other interesting items that the sea spits out are all totally collectable and totally fun to find.

The sea and sand have a way of keeping things hidden until just the right person comes along to find them. Below are 25 awesome things that people have found while beach-combing.

#1. This person discovered an NES system with a game stuck in it washed up on the beach.

#2. An intact fossilized leaf "skeleton" found at the beach.

#3. Found in Galveston, Texas.

#4. Part of a rocketship that fell into the sea.

Part of a rocketship that fell into the sea.

#5. A rock that looks like a little piece of sushi.

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