By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Strange Flowers Are Appearing On This Beach. What’s Inside… You’ll SCREAM.

We've all heard of recycling initiatives meant to remove and reuse harmful plastic waste from the ocean, but until now we've never seen a project as potentially beautiful as this.

Architecture firm Spark had an unprecedented idea: Transform a ton of plastic waste into a series of elevated beach huts resembling giant pine cones. The huts would be located along Singapore's East Coast Park, and they're incredibly innovative.

Not only do the proposed huts offer some sheltered camping spaces for visitors, but also raise awareness on the effects of dumping plastic and other harmful materials into the ocean. See a more detailed look at these interesting structures below.

Here are the structures they've proposed to create from the harmful ocean plastic.

The waste found in the ocean is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a non-biodegradable plastic. The presence of HDPE in the ocean is responsible for killing millions of sea birds and marine animals each year.

Spark wants to collect the material, sort it by color, then shred it. The granules will be poured into shingle-shaped molds and reheated to create the hut exterior.

What results will be a beachfront shelter that's both awesome to look at and environmentally sound.

Seriously, how cool is this idea?

Source: deZeen